Make Your Day

Whether your needs are for gluten free products or standard fare, rest assured I will provide the most delicious and beautiful baked confections for your celebrations and special events. 

I pledge to meet your expectations and wow your guests, leaving you free to enjoy your day of celebration!


We can make the birthday cake or sweet treat worthy of your once-a-year party!


Ask us about custom color options to match your wedding colors or theme!


We have delicious creations that will be the hit of any special gathering, meeting or office party!

Baking With Love

How It All Started

From the very beginning, my journey from home baker to opening my own bakery has been a labor of love that continues to this day. It started from my desire to adapt and perfect my favorite recipes as delicious gluten-free bake goods for my spouse and children who have celiac disease.

During these years I happily invested time in research, sourcing products, trial and error to find what worked and didn’t work. (Honestly, there were many attempts that never made it to the table!) 

Soon I was successful more often than not, and my reward was simply the smiles and rave reviews from my family and friends. Over time, I developed my own gluten-free flour mix techniques and the recipes I use today. 

Then one day a seed was planted after my husband Josh and I took part in a charity event where our macaroons received rave reviews from strangers. (The people who literally don’t have to brag on my baking!) That seed took root and flourished as I dreamed about starting a bakery one day. 

With the love, support and labor of family and friends, we remodeled a 100-year-old house and installed a commercial kitchen that is now home to Amanda Bakes. Evoking memories of times past and lives well lived. From this beautiful space I am able to offer the home baked treats my family enjoys with my ever-growing circle of clients and friends!